Modafinil, a smart drug also referred to as a nootropic, enhances cognitive function in many ways. There's plenty of smart drugs out there, but this one stands on its own for certain reasons:

1. It is not addictive but helps people to end their addictions. It has little to no side effects and is highly safe. It works really well overall, and that's an understatement. For instance, the movie Limitless, starring Bradley Cooper, is based on this product. This smart drug can give one a superhuman mental processing system with little to no downsides. Unlike other smart drugs, there’s much evidence to back the benefits of using Modafinil.

2. It’s not a stimulant but acts in a similar way though it’s technically a eugeroic or wakefulness-promoting agent. It does not make one speedy or jittery as most classical stimulants do. It also does not offer a crash or withdrawal symptoms as countless other smart drugs do.

3. It's been shown to gradually increase one's resistance to fatigue while improving his or her mood. Among healthy adults, it improves fatigue levels, vigilance, motivation and reaction time drastically. A University of Cambridge study found it fully effective in reducing impulse responses, called bad decisions. It may even improve brain functions within sleep-deprived doctors.

4. There's viable evidence that Modafinil only assists people with low IQs, yet after years of experimentation and IQ upgrades of numerous forms, it does not feel this way.

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Then, is modafinil safe? Well, Modafinil's not addictive. It contains a slight risk of abuse, however – a few people use the drug to stay up for long hours, which can make one sick over time.

There's an extremely rare condition - of approximately five cases for every million people - known as SJS or Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. In this condition, those with certain genetic susceptibilities may develop a life-threatening rash. SJS is often triggered by antibiotics, and then by analgesics, cough or cold medications, NSAIDs, psycho epileptics, and even anti gout drugs. Taking cocaine, phenytoin, and even Modafinil may trigger it.

Though the risk is low, many consider getting a genetic test before using any of these drugs, including Modafinil. Those who have been diagnosed with one of these SNPs may be at an increased risk; to obtain a lower risk, there are many drugs that one should avoid, including basic antibiotics.

Many have never been tested as incidence risks are so low. Full results aren't available on affordable genetic testing sites like 23andme, but one may usually ask a doctor to order at least a few such tests through Quest Diagnostics.

How does one dose Modafinil?

For most healthy individuals, 30 to 50 mg of Modafinil should suffice. Each dosage will last for approximately 6 to 8 hours; one will usually take it every morning either with or without food. Many professionals claim that Modafinil is a prescription drug; one may talk to a licensed doctor or primary care physician to discuss the claim in further detail.

Modafinil online alternatives

Not everyone is willing to take any prescription drug for cognition assistance. Race tams and nicotine micro doses provide similar benefits, so many keep this in mind when choosing a viable alternative. For those who seek to try nootropics yet don’t desire the hassle of speaking with a doctor or ordering service illegally, there’s an in-depth breakdown that consists of 12 alternatives.

Modafinil Brand Names

This product also goes by the brand names Provigil, Alertec and Aspendos.


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